NBARC Clients

Note that to protect our clients, we do not share names or photos on our website.

August 2018

Since our last update in early June, much has happened with the four asylum-seeking families that we have been sponsoring, and we are eager to share our news.

Our first client, “I”, finally received her work authorization just two weeks ago. We are all as excited as she is. Before coming to the U.S., she was a high school math teacher. Over the summer she completed bank teller training at Jewish Vocational Services, where she has also volunteered as a GED math tutor. She is working in a seasonal position at Target while continuing to look for permanent employment.

"G", our second client, left the US on June 28th to join her husband in Haiti, his home country. They had traveled together from South America to request asylum, but he was refused entry. She made the difficult choice to withdraw her asylum application and reunite the family in Haiti. Volunteers and members of the NBARC Steering Committee worked very closely with "G" to obtain passports for the family and make travel arrangements for them.

In the same week that "G" went to Haiti, "A" and his family (from Ethiopia) moved from the home of Dick and Lynn Bail, members of First Unitarian Universalist Society of Newton, into an apartment in Malden, where they have family and friends. We owe special thanks to Steve Greenberg, owner of Steveworks ( and member of the Newton Centre Minyan, as well as the many others who helped with the move and donated furnishings.

A’s mother, who lives in Malden, recently had a heart attack so he spent several days with her at the hospital. She is home now, recovering. "A"'s wife, "M", took an orientation class at Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) to be a nurse’s aide and is looking for employment. "A" is working as a parking attendant part time while he looks for a job in software quality assurance. Any leads on jobs in this field would be welcome: if you have any, please contact volunteer Demie Stathoplos,

We are still “on standby” to provide assistance for a young Yazidi family, “A”, “F”, and their two young children. The older child is being treated here for severe burns sustained in an accident at a refugee camp in northern Iraq. The Committee found housing for the family and provided some furnishings and other household necessities. They are settling in; the children are doing well and the parents are becoming more comfortable with their new life.

Assisting these families has involved tremendous dedication and hard work by a group of volunteers drawn from all six of our congregations. A hearty thank you to all!

This work is expensive! In addition to renting an apartment, we give each family a monthly allowance for food and other necessities. No money goes to administrative expenses (including fundraising), as we are entirely volunteer-run. Please see Home to make your tax-deductible contribution online or by check.