NBARC's Success Depends on Volunteers Like You!

There are many ways you can help including:

  • Fundraising for NBARC: Help plan NBARC fundraising events, write thank you notes, etc.

  • Provide Rides (CORI): Drive clients to appointments and/or arrange and fund rides via Lyft or Uber. (We may also ask if you can help with the occasional transport of household items like furniture or other goods.)

  • Acculturation (CORI): Teach clients how to use public transportation, where to shop for groceries and personal items, how to obtain a library card and use the library, how to pay bills, open a bank account, find a religious community and more.

  • Provide Childcare (CORI): Provide in-home childcare on an as needed basis.

  • Employment (CORI): Help with resume writing, job seeking, interview skills, etc.

  • Education Support (CORI): Help families register children for school, find daycare and financing for daycare, provide or arrange ESL lessons, help adults access educational opportunities.

  • Household Set-Up or Maintenance Crew (CORI):

Set-up: Help set up apartments and living spaces prior to clients' arrival. Includes lifting furniture, unpacking boxes, decorating the space, making it a home.

Maintenance: Be available to clients as needed to move furniture, set up electronic devices, etc.

  • In-Kind Donations: Donate furniture, kitchen supplies, linens, electronic equipment, etc. We will contact you with specific needs.

  • Publicity: Assist with NBARC web design and updates, write content for newsletters and updates to congregations, publicize fundraising efforts and events.

NOTE: The volunteer categories marked "(CORI)" involve direct contact with our clients, and will require a satisfactory CORI background check. Prior to your first assignment in a "CORI" category, we will email you instructions for downloading a CORI form, completing it, and sending it to your congregation.

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You can also support our efforts by making a tax deductible donation